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New Greywater Recycling Filter from Klargester

Posted: Thursday 23rd October 2008

“Harvest water without the rain,” is the message behind the new Ezy-Filter greywater recycling system.

Ezy-Filter, which has just been launched by Klargester, is a compact, externally wall-mounted system, connected to its own dedicated downpipe, that cleans up greywater to reuse either in the garden or in the home.

The Ezy-Filter converts soap, detergents and other impurities from bath, shower or basin water into clear water. The water can then be stored in a water butt, or passed into a rainwater harvesting tank. No power source is required, and installation is simple enough to be a DIY task.

There are no chemicals involved – Ezy-Filter uses a unique, patented saline solution and carbon system which effectively cleanses the dirty water, bringing it back to European bathing water standards*. It can then be reused on flower beds, for flushing loos, or for washing clothes and vehicles.

Andy Thompson, Business Development Manager for Kingspan Environmental which owns Klargester, says: “Conservation of water stocks is a priority now for architects, builders and developers to achieve an environmental evaluation scheme excellence rating, such as BREEAM and The Code for Sustainable Homes.

“The average household uses around 160 litres of water a day – a fully automated rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling system can reduce that by half. In fact, installing both will help developers and house-builders achieve a level 6 rating within The Code’s water category.”

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