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MCERTS Pipe Sensor

Posted: Wednesday 6th February 2013

NIVUS GmbH established for over 40 years with a dedicated product portfolio designed for both clean and waste water applications. Introducing the MCERTS Pipe Sensor, compact by design, manufactured for low carbon footprint, suitable for full or partially filled pipes and a one size sensor for all diameters with no calibration required. Developed for easy installation and removal via a simple tapping and ball valve isolation meaning flow is not required to be shut down. Furthermore maintenance is simple using our uniquely designed extraction tool.

Nivus Cross Correlation technology is an innovative and patented ultrasonic flow measurement technique. By scanning reflectors within the water, (particles, gas bubbles or minerals) an ultrasonic impulse is saved as an echo pattern. Further scans follow milliseconds later. Correlating all signals allows us to calculate the flow velocity either in full or partially filled applications and see your flow profile in real time.

Field trials and fully operational installations have been running for over 3 years with accuracies proven comparable with validated alternatives, with zero failures. Velocity measurement accuracy is 1% which is unmatched in its field proving this unit as a realistic alternative to MAG meters.

For further product information and sales enquiries please contact David Miles. 07834 658512

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