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Landia mixer and aerator combo keeps solids in suspension for pharmaceutical manufacturer

Posted: Thursday 15th February 2007

Landia mixer and aerator combo keeps solids in suspension for pharmaceutical manufacturer

Mixers and aerators designed and manufactured by Landia are removing a serious odour problem for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Following concerns raised by The Office of Environmental Enforcement (part of the Environmental Protection Agency), about foul odours from the companyís effluent plant, Landia has installed two Air Jet aerators and two POP-I mixers to keep solids in suspension in an underground chamber.

A highly effective non-blocking system, the Air Jets proved very easy to install, even in the plantís confined space, with no ancillary equipment required. The pharmaceutical manufacturer will also benefit from minimal maintenance, even during peak processing times when large dry-matter particles are common. As well as reducing unpleasant odours, the Air Jets will also provide supplementary aeration during peak periods of effluent oxygen demand.

High performance yet energy efficient, the POP-1 mixer avoids floc shear and subsequent disturbance of the biological balance. It can be switched off as soon as adequate oxidation is achieved, yet despite using considerably less power, a sufficient flow can still be maintained without deteriorating the quality of effluent.

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