Simple way to secure wholesale prices launched by SES Business Water

Posted: Tuesday 14th March 2017

Water retailer SES Business Water has launched a new product that offers businesses access to wholesale water rates without the need for the upfront capital that self supply requires or any of the associated administrative and resource-intensive burdens.

Wholesale Tracker Plus is now available for any business looking to switch to a more transparent product once the business water market opens to competition in April. Wholesale Tracker Plus tracks the annual wholesale rate, the lowest cost allowed by the Water Act, giving businesses access to the most competitive prices in the market. The product means businesses pay wholesale rates and one transparent charge, based on the services they take from SES Business Water. To create greater flexibility, SES Business Water is also offering a 28 day exit option with no penalty rather than a locked in contract.

Some organisations are considering applying for their own self supply licences to enable them to access wholesale prices. Whilst this option may be the best route for some businesses, it does require a large amount of administrative work to set up and maintain and businesses will be required to invest significant levels of working capital. The cost of self-supply can often include consultancy fees for organisations without the resource to manage the process themselves. Self supply also requires the need to interface with the market to manage wholesale settlement charges which can create additional work - or additional cost if done through a third party. Wholesale Tracker Plus negates the risk of self supply whilst still offering transparent wholesale water rates and low retail margins - giving businesses the choice that an open water market should enable.

SES Business Water managing director Giuseppe Di Vita said: "Competition in the water market is all about offering businesses choice and challenging retailers to provide innovative products and solutions. Demonstrating transparency and value for money will be vital to earn businesses' trust, which is why we have launched this product. Wholesale Tracker Plus gives businesses total peace of mind that they can access the wholesale market, without the extra work and capital required to go direct."

A number of organisations are already benefiting from Wholesale Tracker Plus: Scottish businesses are able to sign up to Wholesale Tracker Plus with immediate effect, and now businesses in England can now register to switch to SES Business Water as soon as the market opens and benefit from transparent, competitive prices from day one of the open water market visit for more information.

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