PHS Washrooms launches Flow-saver and Eco-shield for environmental advantage

Posted: Thursday 17th March 2011

PHS Washrooms has just launched two new innovations for improving the function and performance of urinals; Flow-saver™ water management system and Eco-shield™ urinal sleeve. These new products work together in the washroom to reduce water usage, reduce costs, minimise maintenance, improve hygiene and enhance the environment in and around urinals.

According to PHS Washrooms, Flow-saver and Eco-shield jointly target the priorities of financial efficiency and effective use of resources, whilst upholding delivery standards that will make sure your washroom supports or adds to your organisation’s image, rather than detracting from it.

Saving water is one of the key functions of Flow-saver and this ‘intelligent’ water management system can save up to 96 per cent of the water used to flush urinals, which in turn saves money and reduces environmental impact. Programmable flush rates, coupled with intelligent infra-red detection, enable minimal flushes without compromising hygiene. Matching flush rate with washroom usage ensures optimum economy and hygiene levels, says PHS Washrooms. The company claims that this system is the most effective on the market, cutting water bills by 30 to 40 per cent in comparison to basic water management systems and up to 96 per cent when compared with uncontrolled cisterns. In recognition of its water saving properties, Flow-saver has already been awarded the Waterwise Marque, an accolade that reassures customers that this intelligent system works hard to save water.

Explaining the potential impact of Flow-saver, managing director of PHS Washrooms, Ian Osborne said, “Urinal flushing can account for 20 per cent of water consumption in a typical office building and paying for that incoming water, plus outgoing sewerage, rapidly adds up. When you consider that 76 per cent of flushing can occur when buildings are unoccupied, it is easy to see that the waste can be significant, both in terms of water and money. Flow-saver is a simple and successful system for effectively and efficiently managing water and using it in the most environmentally responsible way. It is built on proven technology, exceeds current legislative requirements and can be fitted to almost all urinal cisterns.”

Working with Flow-saver, Eco-shield is designed to improve the environment in and around urinals by curing typical washroom problems at the source. The Eco-shield urinal sleeve contains friendly bacteria and enzymes, which work to eliminate malodours and break down the ammonia and uric salts that can cause smells, plus inhibit limescale and uric salt build-up that can lead to blockages. The unit traps and prevents any materials that may block the drain and, with an added fragrance block, delivers a pleasant scent - making the urinal a more positive part of the premises.

Summarising the reasons for deploying Eco-shield in the washroom, Ian Osborne concluded,

“Installing Eco-shield reduces the amount of water required to keep urinals odour free, so can save water and expense. By avoiding blockages, it reduces maintenance costs and can also save money on chemical cleansers, which become redundant. This eco approach is much kinder to the environment and in the current economic conditions, its money saving credentials are extremely worthwhile. Finally, Eco-shield creates a positive washroom environment, which is essential for any organisation.”

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