Ibexis receives funding for remote monitoring technology

Posted: Tuesday 21st July 2009

Ibexis, a provider of end-to-end telemetry solutions for remote monitoring and data collection, has announced that it has received funding from the Oxford Technology Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF), a £30 million specialist fund set up for technology companies in the UK.

Andy Jones, Co-Founder of Ibexis comments: “We are delighted to have received backing from Oxford Technology ECF. The funds will further enable us to expand our distribution network, both in the UK and overseas.”

Ibexis offers one of the most cost-effective and complete solutions for remote data collection and control currently available in the market. The company provides an integrated solution that enables customers to access real time data over the Internet from sensors and instruments located in remote areas. The solutions have already found widespread use across Europe in applications such as monitoring water quality and flow, air quality, emissions and climate, where there is no access to mains power.

The Ibexis proposition comprises three main elements: a sophisticated low-power telemetry device with integrated data logger, GPRS modem, and external device controller; wireless Internet communications which directly link the remote location to the Ibexis Secure Servers; and a suite of Internet-accessible applications that includes data presentation, charting, management and remote device control.

Ibexis’ low-power telemetry devices, known as Monitoring Service Points (MSPs), can be connected to virtually any sensor or instrument. They provide two-way communication, which enables both the collection of real time data and the remote management of devices from virtually anywhere in the world. “Being manufacturer-independent, we give our customers the freedom and flexibility to integrate the sensors and instruments of their choice, in one simple solution. For them, we have made remote sensing simple,” says Andy Jones.

MSPs are extremely low power devices with a minimum of five years’ battery power. The system has multiple sensor interfaces and can be connected to up to 50 different sensors or instruments at a time, which means that customers can achieve excellent economies of scale. Collected data is stored locally on a removable micro-SD card, which provides virtually unlimited capacity.

”Previously, most of our customers engaged a systems integrator who would design and assemble a complex solution that included data-logger, sensor interface electronics and GPRS modem, all of which required a large enclosure and large batteries,” explains Andy Jones. “However, our MSP has integrated all of these components into a single compact unit. By eliminating the complexity, we have been able to dramatically reduce the unit’s size and cost. The customer gets a solution that is simple and easy to install, automated in operation, with the sophistication and flexibility to meet current and future demands. Our proposition is unique, in that it is a highly cost-effective and complete integrated solution, which is mains-free, compact and includes everything needed for remote monitoring and control applications.”

Etherlink is an official distributor of Ibexis in Greece. Dimitris Geanekos of Etherlink comments: “We have been selling Ibexis equipment for the last two years. The feedback from our customers has been extremely positive and as an Ibexis distributor, we benefit from
strong margins and excellent support. Working with Ibexis has opened up many new markets to Etherlink and has generated genuine interest and excitement from our customer base.”

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