Dow Launching BioPetroClean Water Treatment for Oil and Gas Industry

Posted: Thursday 29th October 2009

The Dow Chemical has signed an agreement with BioPetroClean (BPC) to market the Dow BioPetroClean Water Treatment system to refinery and produced-water markets. The water treatment technology reduces many of the contaminants – including total petroleum hydrocarbons – in oil-contaminated water using a customized bacteria and nutrient package for a specific application, along with a control unit. This allows a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to increase its reliability while producing less sludge that would go to a landfill.

“Dow BPC Water Treatment technology has immense potential — for communities, industry, the environment and our business,” said Janet Giesselman, president and general manager of Dow Oil & Gas. “We are committed to creating clean, sustainable water supplies, and Dow BPC Water Treatment is one more step toward solving this global challenge.”

“Dow’s chemical and process expertise, in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas market, and overall reliability will greatly enhance the BPC technology offering to a global marketplace,” said David Amir, CEO of BioPetroClean. “Improving WWTP reliability while reducing hazardous sludge generation is a key need in the industry. BPC is a leader in WWTP biological remediation R&D, and our relationship with Dow Oil & Gas will make this valuable technology much more accessible to refineries and produced-water customers.”

Dow BPC Water Treatment also helps reduce greenhouse gas generation by reducing the amount of sludge sent to landfills, which eventually degrades and forms methane gas. It also reduces the amount of energy consumed by companies that incinerate their sludge. Overall, this technology will help companies reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.

“This work further strengthens Dow’s portfolio of energy and climate change solutions,” said Rich Wells, Dow vice president of Energy and Climate Change. “Mitigating greenhouse gases with technologies that reduce energy consumption are a win-win for consumers, business and the environment.”

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