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Wallingford Software launches InfoWorks SD and InfoWorks 2D

Posted: Tuesday 2nd October 2007

Wallingford Software, the leading developer of hydraulic modeling software for the water industry, has announced the immediate availability of a completely new InfoWorks product, InfoWorks SD (Storm Drainage). Also launched simultaneously with the release of InfoWorks v8.5 is a completely new and fully integrated module, InfoWorks 2D. This module is available for InfoWorks CS v8.5, InfoWorks SD v8.5 and InfoWorks RS v9.0. Other important developments announced today include the availability of Unidirectional Flushing as a core function within InfoWorks WS.

InfoWorks 2D delivers fast, accurate and detailed surface flood modeling and is ideally suited to modeling flows through complex geometries such as urban streets and buildings, road intersections and other transport infrastructure, and open ground where either source or direction of flow is problematic to assume. Full integration with Wallingford Software’s 1D solutions simplifies the model construction and optimizes users’ productivity. By using 1D simulation to identify where flooding happens, and then using the combined 1D and 2D simulation to investigate the direction and depth of flood flows in these smaller areas, users can achieve a cost-effective balance between model-building time and simulation accuracy.

“Some existing solutions assume that a 2D model of the whole study area has to be built”, says Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Banfield. “With InfoWorks 2D, smaller detailed 2D models can be created within a single 1D model dramatically reducing the model size - minimizing the time spent building and simulating these models.”

InfoWorks SD is a fully dynamic, hydraulic modeling solution developed to meet the most demanding requirements of stormwater professionals. Every frequently encountered stormwater hydraulic structure can be modelled in InfoWorks SD, including inlet capture and bypass, gravity and pressure piping, pumps and their control systems, detention ponds, outlet structures, open channels, culverts and overland flow paths. InfoWorks SD also models BMP design, construction and maintenance practices and criteria for stormwater facilities, and simulates control structures as well as the associated programmable logic controllers (using an InfoWorks Real Time Control scenario).

“Modeling stormwater runoff accurately means being able to model stormwater flows in the complex real-world environment that features a wide range of both underground and overland structures and potential flow paths”, explains Paul Banfield. “InfoWorks SD achieves this to exceptional standards without compromising either usability or performance to give users the most flexible and productive stormwater drainage solution available today.”

Wallingford Software issues two major product releases each year, a rigorous schedule unmatched in the entire water industry worldwide. In addition to the launch of two new InfoWorks solutions, InfoWorks v8.5 includes a range of improvements and enhancements to the core solutions.

Amongst these for InfoWorks WS is a new and advanced Unidirectional Flushing tool and a new upstream and downstream trace tool that can also be used for water source analysis and pressure zone design. InfoWorks CS features a number of important performance improvements and a new search option has been added to InfoWorks RS.

As with every release of InfoWorks, many improvements apply to all InfoWorks solutions. With v8.5 these focus primarily on further improvements to data integration with other modeling packages, CAD and Oracle databases.

“This is our single largest product announcement since the launch of InfoWorks,” said Wallingford Software Sales Director Paul Banfield. “It demonstrates our clear understanding of the issues dominating the industry today and our complete commitment to meeting the needs of the worldwide water industry.”

All the latest InfoWorks solutions will be demonstrated at WEFTEC in San Diego, USA, October 13th-15th.

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