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New UV Disinfection system for industrial process water

Posted: Tuesday 2nd January 2007

Designed for industrial and pharmaceutical process water applications, Hanovia's new AF3 amalgam* UV disinfection system offers a high microbial kill rate with low power consumption and low hydraulic pressure drop. Designed using CFD modelling tools, it is extremely flexible and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

The AF3's unique configuration produces an axial flow through an L-shaped, elongated treatment chamber, increasing residency time and improving disinfection performance. It can treat flow rates of up to 50 m3/hour.

With a life of up to 16,000 hours, the system's UV lamps produce up to three times the UV output of standard mercury low pressure lamps. A key feature of the lamps is their ability to operate at temperatures up to 40oC (compared to 18oC for conventional low pressure lamps) without any significant loss of germicidal output and efficiency.

The AF3 also uses fewer UV lamps and less electrical power to generate a given UV output compared to conventional low pressure UV technology. Optimised for the delivery of drinking water disinfection doses, the germicidal performance of the AF3 is of the highest standard, satisfying international regulatory requirements.

To ensure the AF3 integrates simply and effectively with a variety of installation requirements, three levels of control are available, all with outputs linkable to building management or SCADA** systems. Combining a microprocessor-based control system with an "intelligent" electronic ballast, the system's Electron controller provides a versatile combination of controls, alarms and clear indicators.

An optional UV monitor allows constant measurement of UV intensity delivered by the lamp, displayed on the Electron controller's screen as a percentage. Intensity output can also be linked to the plant SCADA system.

A version of the AF3 built to cGMP*** requirements for pharmaceutical and sanitary applications is also available. Constructed using highly polished stainless steel with FDA**** approved seals, all welds are full penetration and 'bug trap' free. Tri-clamp connections also make it simple to disassemble and verify cleanliness.

*Amalgam = low pressure, high output UV lamps

**SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

***cGMP = Current Good Manufacturing Practices

****FDA = Food & Drink Administration (USA)

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