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Innovative Design Application at Towngate Roundabout, Yorkshire gets top Industry Accolade

Posted: Monday 13th March 2006

A design solution which incorporates a new prefabricated CSO and saved weeks of on-site construction in a busy town centre in West Yorkshire, has received a top industry award.

Utility contractor Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) received the prestigious Best in Class for Wastewater in the Partners category at the Yorkshire Water Business Excellence Awards, part of Yorkshire Water’s annual industry awards.

Undertaken as part of a £899,300 scheme, MMB was handed the challenge of coming up with an innovative feasibility and design solution to perform necessary waste water infrastructure upgrade work while minimising disruption of traffic to local residents in Baildon. This would help prevent untreated sewage discharging into local watercourses during periods of heavy rainfall.

The main access to the existing Combined Storm Overflow (CSO) chamber was situated in the carriageway of the central Towngate vehicle Roundabout which leads into Bradford, Shipley and Leeds and handling significant commuter traffic.

It was subsequently decided to relocate the CSO into the Towngate roundabout. This would enable the MMB team to install a chamber with the correct hydraulic dimensions and a mechanical storm screen. This ensures that the overflow discharge to the watercourse is maintained at around 580 litres per second in storm conditions with the mechanical screen holding back sewage-related debris.

The key design philosophy of the scheme was to site the new CSO and contain all construction works within the confines of the 21m diameter Towngate Roundabout. The objective for this was to minimise disruption to vehicles and also the impact upon the businesses and community of Baildon.

With such a severely restricted site maintaining access for plant and materials and ultimately the access for quarterly maintenance work - all while keeping disruption to a minimum for local residents - meant the right solution and materials were critical for the design team as Project Leader David Bull explained:

“Although Towngate roundabout is on the outskirts of Bradford, we had to take into consideration the location of the proposed site in relation to the busy town centre. Our initial project proposal which would see the works undertaken in the adjacent car park, would have caused extensive disruption and loss of trade to local businesses, making Yorkshire Water liable for high business compensation claims.

“By utilising the bespoke and lightweight properties of the LiteSpeed CSO, we were able to alter the design and relocate the site to the roundabout. Not only did this allow us to complete the necessary construction and installation during normal working hours in around 14 weeks, but the project had no visible impact on Baildon traffic and was given a big thumbs up by the local residents. A key element to the scheme was MMB and Yorkshire Water working together and with the local community. In recent years Baildon had been subjected to a series of roadworks by most of the major utility companies, Yorkshire Water included. Residents anticipated being subjected to severe disruption again. A key element that contributed towards the business excellence award was that MMB worked with Yorkshire Waters clean water mains renewal partners Balfour Beatty to deliver a co-ordinated construction programme for both this sewer upgrade of the CSO and the mains renewal programme for Baildon.

Yorkshire Water also made a commitment to the local Neighbourhood Forum to return once work was finished and give a presentation on the completed works but also to be accountable for the work undertaken. At this Neighbourhood Forum the work that MMB and Yorkshire Water had undertaken was applauded and the contractor JN Bentley congratulated on delivering a high quality scheme.

The CSO was prefabricated to accommodate the requisite hydraulic dimensions and new screen and supplied by Newport-based manufacturer Asset International. It comprised a 7.5 metre by 2.5m diameter chamber weighing in at just less than four tonnes. The traditional method of fitting CSOs would involve in-situ construction from steel and concrete and could weigh as much as 100 tonnes.

The Towngate CSO is the first time that a LiteSpeed CSO has been used in England and this new method of installing CSOs is expected to save a number of man hours on site and is also beneficial to the environment by minimising construction traffic and CO² emissions.

Yorkshire Water Project Manager Simon Reynoldson said: “This new way of installing CSOs is perfect for Baildon and we hope to offer this kind of service to everyone in Yorkshire over time.”

The CSO installation forms part of a larger scheme in Baildon that seeks to improve the quality of effluent being discharged into the Barnsley Beck and improve the standards of the area’s sewers. Total reconstruction which included designing the concrete surround suitable for highway loading was completed in April.

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