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Posted: Tuesday 9th August 2016

Land & Water has been pivotal in the development of a Velcro-enhanced frame to position geotextiles at dangerous or time-restricted sites.

As part of enabling works for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Land & Water and VolkerStevin dredged a pocket for the new Blackfriars Pier in spring this year. However, the project was challenging - short slack water times, unpredictable tides and shallow water in areas made the endeavor too dangerous for divers. In addition, the team had merely weeks to complete the work near Blackfriars Bridge.

The Land & Water and VolkerStevin teams collaborated to create a frame for the geotextiles [fabric which lines the bottom of the pocket onto which the scour protection rock is laid] that could be lowered into the river, but it was the ingenious use of Velcro to allow the frame to be easily retracted that makes the innovation a useful tool for future projects.

The £900 000 project was finished on time and on budget by teams working five days a week, 24 hours a day. Land &Water will be back on the Thames in December at Tattersall Castle to continue the dredging works.

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