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Hydropath improves water quality at Kentucky leisure Centre

Posted: Friday 11th January 2008

Management at a large fitness and leisure complex based in North Kentucky were keen to improve water quality and clarity, minimise chemical use, reduce overheads and operate in a more ecologically friendly matter in their three pools. As a result, they decided to trial Hydropath’s patented water conditioning technology over a period of four weeks.

Units from Hydropath’s AquaKlear range were tested. The P100 was fitted to the water pipe before the filters and a W63 unit was fitted to the waterslide inlet pipe. Tests were carried out over a period of two weeks prior to the installation of the units to provide baseline figures, and results were recorded after the AquaKlear units were installed. Success was measured by recording water usage during backwashing, chemical usage and utility costs.

Hydropath technology is unique as it works without chemicals by inducing coaxial electromagnetic fields throughout the system. An electronic signal is constantly generated from the unit 24 hours a day, which circulates the whole water system releasing fixed chlorine. This enhances the precipitation of the bicarbonates from solution to suspension by flocculating the suspended solids in the water to act as seed for suspended crystallisation. The resulting suspension therefore does not adhere to pipe work or internal surfaces, but is merely 'washed away' with the flow. This improves filter performance and saves water and energy. This process also effectively filters out bacteria and algae. It does so by applying a charge to the bacteria as it is passes by the unit. The bacteria becomes hydrated with a pure water layer. This layer is absorbed into the bacteria by osmosis creating osmotic pressure which bursts the membrane thus killing the bacteria.

Two weeks following the installation of the Hydropath units, improvements were shown in all areas. The water required for backwash to clear the filters was reduced by 156,000 gallons per year. This equates to a reduction in water charges of $2,652 per annum and backwash sewerage costs reduced by an equivalent of $4,212. This equates to an 80% decrease in total water costs a year. Chlorine and chemical use was also reduced by 50% and gas consumption reduced by 25%. All savings combined, reduced overheads of the pool by $14,166 annually. Staff also noticed a visible improvement in the water’s clarity and a reduction in chlorine odour. It was concluded that long term use of Hydropath technology would reduce the need for costly water softening systems and prolong the life of water heaters and steam generators, as well as reducing operating costs.

Hydropath Technology is also effective at removing existing limescale. The AquaKlear Range is simple and safe to install, fitted to the exterior of the pipe without the need for incision. AquaKlear is available to fit pipe sizes 60 – 200mm, can also be used for domestic pools and is designed for maintenance free operation.

For further information on the AquaKlear range and Hydropath technology, email or call (0115) 986 9966

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