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Disinfection in the SaSch spa in Bruchsal

Posted: Wednesday 26th September 2007

For many years Grundfos Alldos has been a disinfection supplier for the combined indoor and outdoor spa industry. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of swimming pool water disinfection the company believe they are providing the best water quality in a variety of public swimming pools.

One of these pools is the SaSch spa in Bruchsal, an historic city in the district of Karlsruhe, Germany. The spa has an outdoor pool, which was completely renovated in 2003, a modern indoor swimming pool for the cold season as well as a grand scale sauna and wellness area open all the year.Depending on the weather, every day in May to September up to 7,000 bathers visit the outdoor swimming pool with its striking stainless-steel basins. A total quantity of 3200 m3 of water is distributed to the outdoor pools: the 50-meter sports pool (2,632 m3), the fun pool (525m3) and the children‘s pool (30 m3). The indoor area with its water quantity of more than 1,500 m3 is visited by an average of 1,200 bathers every day. It disposes of a 25-meter sports pool and a combined pool with a capacity of 833 m3 and 654 m3 of water.

The children‘s pool, whirlpool and diving pool share around 8 m3 of water. Bathing in these completely different types of pools should be a healthy and clean pleasure, and at the same time chemical costs have to be kept at a low level. Thus, precise and trouble-free dosing and control is essential. This is the reason why Grundfos Alldos with its complete range of disinfection systems has become the partner of the SaSch spa in water treatment:

• 4 chlorine drums with the fully automatic Vaccuperm C111/113 full-vacuum chlorine gas dosing system and automatic drum change-over device

• pH-value correction: (caustic soda or hydrochloric acid)

6 x DMI 208-3

• for the precise and reliable addition of flocculents:

6 x DMI 208-0.8 with Plus3 deaeration system (P3) and Etron (EA) electronics

2 x DDI 209-2.5 P3

• Chlorine gas dosing:

8 x DIP-A compact measuring systems

7 x Vaccuperm C113 gas dosing systems with servomotors

• Gas warning units:

2 x Conex DIS-G (Gasdetect)

• Extensive equipment as pressure loading and pressure relief valves, liquid traps, gas injectors, injection units, etc.

A further special feature is the dosing of scent into the steam room and the low-temperature sauna: 2 digital DDI 209 pumps are dosing very small quantities of flavours there.

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