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AUMA technology prevents water pollution

Posted: Wednesday 2nd December 2009

Illustrating that AUMA expertise in actuation extends beyond the company’s established water, oil and power plant applications, the company’s modular products have been adopted in the containment of fire-fighting water.

In 1986, a chemical warehouse fire led to contaminated water entering the river Rhine. The environmental disaster resulted in entire sections of the river becoming ecologically dead. Following a number of similar disasters, German guidelines were drawn up detailing requirements for installations to collect and contain contaminated water to prevent pollution.

The new legislation has resulted in AUMA technology being selected as part of an emergency gate valve installation for the containment of contaminated water. A manhole containing the gate valve is installed in the sewer line and an electric actuator enables remote control of the valve from a fire alarm control panel. AUMA reports that, as this initiative utilises the existing wastewater infrastructure, it is a cost-effective solution.

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